Clean Up Your Apps!

Oh how I love a good pun (or a bad one...) and discovering this simple website last week not only excited me with its simplicity but also inspired me to write this post.

Working as a community manager across a selection of platforms, you tend to have your life "out there" on the internet for the world to see. Privacy is hard to come by and you have to be comfortable with who you are to ensure this public scrutiy by the people within your community doesn't destroy you. As a result, anything that helps me 'clean up my act' online in terms of permissions is a godsend.

Enter mypermissions.org – a sexy page which has eight shortcut links to the "edit permissions" pages for some of the most used social networks. As a result, in around 2 minutes you can readdress who has access to all your information from these profiles.

Just on a side note; you may have noticed that your Facebook advertising has become increasingly personal over the past few months. It seems that Facebook are tracking what you view on other tabs when you are logged into the site. If like me, you always have an open tab with Facebook, you might want to consider having this open in a browser that you don't use for anything else. I have a preference for Firefox because I love their add ons and use Chrome for Facebook only. But if your browsing is mainly Esty and Reddit (as mine may well be), you might not care too much about this...

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