A change...

It's been a while since I have posted a London cat photo. Maybe it's the cold weather pushing them all inside next to radiators or finding that warm spot on the floor where the pipes run – I know I'm finding it harder to get out the house these days. It could also be the fact that I'm walking less. I've joined the thousands of cyclist in London and commute to work by bike. Now I no longer notice feline faces on doorsteps, under cars and hiding under parked cars. As a result I'm going to grow and develop this blog into an online version of my head.

I suggest you keep following if you're interested in any of these:

Cats and squirrels are still the love of my life, I will still post updates and photos of the things that I see.

Online Communities
I'm a Senior Community Manager. Up until a few years ago a CM didn't even exist and now it seems like every brand and company are looking to fill this role. There is a lot to learn and most of it is from experience. I hopefully will share some ideas that will be helpful to people just starting out as well as insightful to those working within the industry.

London Life
I've lived in London for almost 10 years now. I know it well but I always strive to discover new places and events. There is this current obsession with Pop Up shops, bars and restaurants which makes the foodie scene ever changing. Also, as we all know, the current financial climate means that businesses are opening and closing daily. This makes the city fascinating. I will be blogging about the most exciting things.

As a female cyclist in London I have learnt the hard way best practices on the road: falling off my bike, having it knicked, flat tyres, cycling in skirts. A lot has happened and I'd love to share this with people. Hopefully it'll make more ladies brave enough to get on a bike and inspire people to see cycling as a fun and exciting sport for everyone.

Nails, Make Up and Products
I'm obsessed with nail varnish and make up. I'm also super fussy about products I use and will give you honest advise and opinion on what you use to make you look more fabulous.

So now you know the plan (as much of one that there is...) I'll be writing again soon.

There are millions of blogs out there so I hope that this will be fresh, funny and interesting. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestion. I'd love to hear from you all.