Meat Liquor, London

Anyone on the foodie scene in London will have heard of #Meateasy. For those of you who haven't this is a meat wagon of joy that serves up possibly the best burgers in London. Unfortunately, that wagon of meat was stolen and Yianni Papoutsis, the creator of these meaty morsels had to go guerilla. Setting up a pop up in a pub in New Cross to serve his meat, Yanni was a hit. When it closed, meat lovers shed a tear… that is until MEAT Liquor opened.

I've got to really want it to wait 45 minutes, and I really wanted some of Yanni's meat, I also wanted his buns and booze. So in the cold last night I waited. Unfortunately, I also waited once I was sat down, waited after I ordered and waited to pay. The service here is a shit-show. I watched as one waitress walked back and forth 6 times with the same wet cloth in her hand not actually speaking to customers trying to get her attention, and ignoring the orders waiting to be delivered at the bar. Damn awful.

But, I didn't come here to talk about the service (lack of), I came here to get my lips around a mighty chunk of meat, and that I did. My dining partner is not like me. He never exaggerates for affect or humour so when he says that this is the best burger he's ever eaten in his meat eating life, do not knock it. 

A little pink in the middle, the pattie burger actually melts in your mouth. They also have an outstanding selection of sides and starters. The buffalo wings were lovely and vinegary with a slight kick and the blue cheese sauce with actual blue cheese in it was perfectly pongy. As for the onion rings, that sexy batter that was light and fluffy, cooked just so that the onion doesn't actually get greasy beneath it's batter coat.

The bar is also impressive. Sazerac and St Thomas are on the menu and they even managed to cobble together an Aviation when I asked. They have a library of hot sauces and I even found one that was just to hot for me - this rarely happens.

So booze, tick, meat, tick, everything else, try again. Uncomfortable seating, really loud music and service that makes you want to scream. Was it worth it? Totally! I hate myself a little bit right now.

Meat Liquor | 76 Welbeck Street, Marylebone, London, W1G 0AY

020 7224 4239