RSPCA's Tweetathon

"Cats don't tweet, birds do" I hear you cry...

It's rarely that I write on here. Mainly it's grain snaps of cats lurking around London but here me up (my grand audience of eight - hi Mum!) The RSPCA has just finished a tweetaton to spread the word about the RSPCA Frontline team and their dedication to rescuing trapped, hurt and abandoned animals 24/7. Pretty cool hey?!

There are around 8 million pet cats in the UK (I know, I make it my mission to pap them) but not all of them are lucky enough to have loving and caring homes. The hard working people at the RSPCA take a call every 30 seconds and respond to almost 1000 incidents a day. That's a lot of pussy! They need your support so check out their page online and as the RSPCA is funded entirely by voluntary donations feel free to throw some pennies and pounds their way. Don't forget you can also follow them on twitter.

Meow for now...

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