This blog is purr-fect...

There is so much going on underneath this ginger mess of hair that I have to let it out. Food, Community Management, my current nail polish, cycling, London, social media... And it all started just as a place for me to post cat picture. As you can see, it evolved.
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You can write to me if you like.

You'll also find me over on Twitter, Flickr and on LinkedIn.

I spend over two and a half years working for Yelp, you can read my reviews or my newsletters if it interests you. You can also read the blog posts about my events if you're really that nosy.

A long time ago a worked for Global Radio as their Community Manager and Online Producer. Most of that work has now expired but you can still find them using some of it here.

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  1. you need to check out blues kitchen went there today food was awesome